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Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries to date and even became the second favorite cosmetic procedure in 2020. It was performed 1,525,197 times all over the world in one year alone. While the world of aesthetics is used to hearing about this procedure in a variety of contexts, it can be difficult for outsiders to the industry to understand how liposuction treatments have evolved.

Luckily, we are here to help!

Liposuction is a treatment that removes excess fat cells and oils from under the skin. Clients who decide to undergo this procedure are looking to tighten their skin and remove body fat in specific areas that have not been affected by healthy dieting and exercise. While it is not a weight-loss alternative, it is a long-lasting method for having tighter, more youthful skin.

In its most traditional form, a plastic surgeon performing liposuction utilizes suctioning techniques to contour the skin and remove unwanted body fat. A small tube called a cannula acts as a vacuum under the skin, which retrieves the excess fat and oil cells from the affected area.

Traditional liposuction procedures are invasive surgeries. To ease the nerves and discomfort of our patients, Beverly Hills Aesthetics offers two safe and minimally-invasive alternatives: Smart Laser Lipo and SAFE Lipo.

Here’s everything you need to know about both minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures.


Smart Laser Lipo is a revolutionary type of non invasive lipo that uses its original tiny laser tool to melt patients’ unwanted body fat. Cosmetic specialists do not need to rely on traditional suctioning techniques with this procedure. Instead, a specialized laser probe device dissolves and liquefies the fat cells to make the removal process less painful, resulting in less bruising and discomfort.

Recovery times after undergoing Smart Lipo are far shorter than those after receiving traditional liposuction. Without the need for stitches, patients can go back to their everyday lives within a couple of days. While the affected area may swell for 1-3 months, unsightly scars post-treatment are nonexistent. It can take up to six weeks for patients to recover from traditional liposuction.

There are many other positives to choosing Smart Lipo instead of traditional liposuction. It tightens the skin in a much less-invasive manner. In addition, the treatment only requires local anesthesia, as opposed to traditional liposuction, which requires patients to be under general anesthesia. Results can be seen immediately, allowing clients to forget their previous body insecurities.


S.A.F.E Lipo is another minimally-invasive liposuction alternative that we offer at Beverly Hills Aesthetics. This procedure breaks down excess fats and oils without an excess energy source. Traditional liposuction and Smart Lipo use excess energy sources: It is the suctioning power for traditional procedures, and for Smart Lipo, it is laser energy.

Instead, SAFE Lipo uses specialized liposuction cannulas and a powered wand to break up body fat layer by layer. Once these fat cells are loosened up, cannulas suction them away. The lack of an excess energy source makes SAFE Lipo a much gentler procedure for patients, and it minimizes the damage to patients’ blood vessels and prevents scarring.

Why is it called SAFE Lipo? Let’s break it down letter by letter:

  • S: or fat Separation—Using the VIBRASAT® PRO, we can gently and homogeneously separate.
  • A: for Aspiration—Remove the fat layer by layer, starting with the deep fat layer, middle-fat layer, then superficial fat layer.
  • FE: for Fat Equalization—We focus on the superficial fat layer. At this step, we do not suction the fat; instead, we spread it evenly to create a thin cushion under the skin. This final step is crucial, and it prevents any evenness or indentation caused by the skin adhering to the underlying tissues.


Both Smart Lipo and SAFE Lipo are safe and effective procedures. But the question remains: Which one is better for you?

The best candidates for all non-surgical liposuction treatments should be in good health and have tried healthy dieting and exercise to remove their localized fat. As we said before, these are not weight-loss treatments and should not be advertised as such.

Smart Lipo works best for candidates who are looking for fat removal and an increase in skin firmness. Other liposuction techniques do not guarantee this change in skin texture and elasticity. However, Smart Lipo is a procedure that offers these results.

SAFE Lipo works best for candidates who are looking for the least-invasive liposuction treatment on the market. While both Smart Lipo and SAFE are designed with the client’s comfort in mind, it is a great alternative for first-time patients. Discomfort both before and after the procedure is kept at a minimum.

Our team at Beverly Hills Aesthetics, the leading cosmetic surgery center in Beverly Hills, prides itself on the safety and effectiveness of all of our treatment offerings. For more information, schedule a consultation, and we can talk about which liposuction procedure works best for you.

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