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Botched Lipo Correction


Liposuction defects are usually caused by aggressive and/or uneven, careless removal of fat from the body. After surgery, there often appear peaks and valleys in areas of protruding fat that was not removed, or hollow indentations where too much fat was extracted. Another common bungle is that simply not enough fat was extracted. Sometimes these blunders are not noticeable until changes in weight, skin tightness, and muscle tone occur.

The amount of patients experiencing undesirable post-liposuction fumbles is on the rise. With the advances in the cosmetic enhancement field becoming more popular and affordable, the number of inefficient and inexperienced surgeons is also on the rise. As with anything else, it is always better to get it right the first time. However, bad liposuction results can be improved in most cases, giving a more pleasing outcome.


Correction requires a combination of liposculpture and fat transfer techniques. Liposculpture is used to remove excess fat in the “peaks” of problem areas, making the area smoother and creating a more even plane. Where “valleys” are present, fat is harvested from one part of the body and injected into the depressed area to raise it the same level plane as the surrounding skin. When the “peaks and valleys” are fairly close together, correction is performed without using liposculpture. Using proprietary techniques, fat is shifted from the “hilly” area to the “valley.” When possible, correction is carried out through the previous incision marks, in order to avoid creating new scars.


Downtime after this procedure is minimal, a couple of days at most. Minor discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common. Complications can occur, but are rare when the procedure is done with a qualified surgeon, and when the patient strictly follows pre- and post- operative instructions. Results of this correction procedure can be permanent as long as transplanted fat cells survive. A need for a touch up might be required in a few cases. Success of correcting a botched liposuction job requires patients to sustain a healthy lifestyle to optimize results.

The Process Botched Lipo


45-60 Minutes


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360 Minutes per session


1-3 Months




Woman's thighs before and after Botched Lipo Correction
Before. After.


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