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Glabella (Corrugator)

* smooths frown #11 lines

* FDA approved treatment for
both Corrugator + Procerus: 20U

Infrabrow (Orbicularis)

* lifs tail of eyebrows, brightens eyes

Crow's Feet (Orbicularis)

* softens wrinkles while smiling and

* FDA approved treatment: 12U per side

Marionette Lines (DOA)

* elevates corners of the mouth
and softens marionette line

Chin (Mentails)

* softens chin wrinkles during animating

Forhead (Frontalis)

* smooths horizontal wrinkles

* FDA approved treatment: 20U

Glabella (Procerus)

* smooths horizontal wrinkles

* FDA approved treatment for
both Corrugator + Procerus: 20U

Bunny Lines (Nasalis)

* smooths diagonal wrinkles along
the nose

Masseter Muscle

* slims jawline

* treats grinding (Bruxism)

Neck (Platysma)

* relaxes hyperactive neck muscles
this softening neck contours

Neuromodulators / Dysport

Fees for Upper Face, Mid Face and Lower Face


Add volume to lips

Fill temple hollow

Fill and lift cheeks

nasolabial folds

Re establish
natural jawline

Dermal fillers

  • Non – Surgical Eyebrow lift $800
  • Forehead wrinkles $1200
  • Frown wrinkles $800
  • Under Eye Hallow /eye bags $750
  • Non – Surgical Forehead contouring $2000
  • Non – Surgical Temples contouring $2000
  • Non – surgical Mid face Lift (under eyes, cheeks and laugh lines) $2500 – 3500
  • Non – Surgical Nose Hump Rhinoplasty $750
  • Non – surgical Rhinoplasty (hump, tip lifting and definition) $1200
  • Non – Surgical Lip Contouring ( lips, mouth corners and lips lines) $600 – 1000
  • Non – surgical Smile Lift ( Lips , mouth corners and marionettes lines) $1800
  • Non – Surgical Lower Facelift & Contouring (chin, jowls, jawline angle) $2500 – $3000
  • Non – Surgical Neck and Decollates skin tightening and lift $2500 – 3000
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