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Subcision Treatment

Every individual dreams of flawless skin. But acne scars and cellulite, two common skin concerns, often stand in the way of achieving that dream. For Los Angeles and Beverly Hills residents seeking an effective solution, subcision emerges as a leading treatment option. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D., a celebrated non-surgical aesthetic cosmetic specialist, offers this revolutionary technique to address both acne scars and cellulite.

Understanding the Subcision Technique

Subcision is a minor surgical procedure primarily designed to treat depressed scars and cellulite. It involves inserting a specially designed needle into the skin, beneath the scar or cellulite dimple. The needle is then moved back and forth to break fibrous strands that tether the skin to the underlying tissue, causing the scar or dimple. By releasing these strands, the skin elevates, making the surface appear smoother and more uniform.

Acne Scars: From Flawed to Flawless

Many residents of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills know the aftermath of severe acne – unsightly scars that serve as lasting reminders. These scars occur due to the skin’s collagen breakdown, leading to depressions. While there are multiple treatments available, subcision stands out for its effectiveness in addressing deep, atrophic scars. By releasing the fibrous bands and promoting collagen production in the treated area, subcision paves the way for a smoother, scar-free skin appearance.

Cellulite Treatment: Embracing Smoothness

Cellulite, characterized by the dimpled appearance of the skin, often on the thighs and buttocks, is a common concern for many. Though it’s a natural phenomenon, many individuals find it cosmetically undesirable. The dimpling occurs due to fibrous bands pulling the skin down toward deeper tissues, creating the uneven texture. Subcision targets these bands directly, releasing the skin’s tether and significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite. While many treatments promise results, subcision offers a clinically proven method to achieve smoother, cellulite-free skin.

Why Choose Beverly Hills Aesthetics?

Choosing the right clinic and practitioner for subcision is vital. Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D., brings his expertise, precision, and commitment to excellence to every procedure. Having served numerous satisfied patients from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, he ensures that every individual receives tailored care, addressing their unique skin concerns. The state-of-the-art facility at Beverly Hills Aesthetics, combined with Dr. Assassa’s unparalleled skill, guarantees results that not only meet but often exceed expectations.

Consider Subcision and Discover Your Best Skin Today

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