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Smart Laser Lipo


Smart Lipo in Beverly Hills is a revolutionary, non-invasive, liposuction alternative treatment that melts down fat and tightens the skin permanently. Smart Lipo sculpts small fat bulges of the abdomen, love handles, thighs, bra bulges, double chin, and upper arms. It is an effective solution after weight loss and can help reduce male breasts, female dangling arms, saddle bag bulges on the sides of the thighs, and unsightly tummy fat.


Smart Lipo in Los Angeles is performed with a tiny laser tip probe that dissolves fat without the need to perform suctioning. The procedure is bloodless, allows skin to maintain firmness, and is performed using local anesthesia. No stitches are required and the procedure leaves virtually no unsightly scars.


Recovery time is dependent upon the extent and location of the procedure performed. Minimal discomfort does occur, similar to the feeling of muscle ache after a vigorous workout. A few days of rest are usually advised, but the amount of rest recommended depends on the extent of the procedure and the level of comfort of the patient. As far as physical appearance, the patient can expect the following:


Healing tissue and fluids occupy the areas where subcutaneous fat was removed. The area may appear the same size or sometimes slightly larger. However, nearly all patients report feeling that the areas seem to have less fat.


Swelling of the area decreases slightly, but can be reduced further with ultrasound and or lymphatic massage.


After 3 months, the tissue heals fully and reorganizes back to the feeling of normal skin. The overlying skin contracts and tightens, and stretch marks begin to fade. The most important safety issue for patients considering Smart Lipo in Los Angeles is choosing the right physician. Dr. Sam Assassa is president of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, which is committed to teaching the artistic act of aesthetics with patient safety in mind, giving its members cutting-edge guidance and education in this rapidly growing field. Dr. Assassa has extensive experience and is well versed in Smart Lipo techniques.

*Use of laser therapy is guided by physician preference and is not utilized in all cases

The Process Smart Laser Lipo


45-60 Minutes


Call for details or request a complimentary consultation


2-3 Hours


Swelling of treated area for 1-3 months





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