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Hips Lipo

The hip-flank area is a defining aspect of one’s body contour, particularly for women. Nestled just below the flanks and transitioning towards the upper, outer section of the buttock, this region holds the key to an attractive, well-defined silhouette. For many, achieving the perfect curve between the waist and buttocks remains elusive due to the natural fullness of this region. Our Beverly Hills clinic is proud to offer hip lipo, a specialized procedure curated to accentuate the body’s natural curves.

Why Opt for Hips Lipo with Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D.?

Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D., is not just an aesthetic cosmetic specialist; he’s a world-renowned expert in the field of non-surgical procedures, making Beverly Hills Aesthetics a sought-after destination for those in pursuit of body refinement. He understands the profound impact that a sculpted hip-flank region can have on one’s overall appearance. When disproportionate fullness in this area is addressed, it can transform a square or boxy appearance into a more rounded, feminine contour, enhancing the natural allure between the waist and the buttocks.

The Comprehensive Approach to Liposuction for Hips

It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling phenomenal. The hip lipo procedure isn’t solely focused on removal; it’s an art of reshaping and refining. By meticulously treating the hip-flank mound in conjunction with other key areas like the outer thighs and saddlebags regions, Dr. Assassa ensures harmonious body symmetry. This comprehensive approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also boosts confidence, empowering individuals to embrace their bodies with renewed vigor.

Achieving the Desired Mid-Section Contour

Every individual is unique, and so are their aesthetic desires. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, we prioritize understanding each patient’s vision and aligning our expertise to achieve it. Through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and Dr. Assassa’s seasoned expertise, we aim to sculpt the hip-flank region in a manner that complements the body’s natural architecture, resulting in a silhouette that feels authentically ‘you’.

Rediscover Your Confidence: Book a Consultation Today

Ready to transform your silhouette and embrace a more confident you? It’s time to take the next step. Contact Beverly Hills Aesthetics and request a consultation with Dr. Assassa. Together, we’ll embark on a journey to refine, rejuvenate, and realize the body you’ve always desired. Our aesthetic team will gladly share details about hip lipo, including what to expect in terms of cost, procedure time and results.


Female patient before and after hips lipo
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