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Body fat can be difficult for patients to lose all on their own. While exercise and healthy dieting can help burn unwanted fat for some, others do not see the results. Fat is stubborn and can require more work to break down.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, we offer fat-melting treatments for patients looking to get rid of their stubborn body fat. Fat melting is a safe and minimally-invasive procedure that contours the body without surgery. Fat melting aims to kill the body’s fat cells through heat devices. Being put under high temperatures (typically between 107 and 116 degrees Fahrenheit) causes the fat cells in the body to die, all without compromising the patient’s skin.

There are many options to explore when looking into fat-melting procedures. Here are a few examples of some treatments, their effectiveness, and how they can benefit you.


Smart Laser Lipo is one of our most popular fat-melting procedures. This non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction melts down fat with a tiny laser tip probe. In addition, it can sculpt and contour various parts of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, love handle, and upper arms.

How does Smart Laser Lipo work? A cosmetic specialist uses a tiny laser probe to dissolve fat in unwanted areas. Unlike traditional liposuction, there is no need for suctioning techniques. The treatment is virtually painless and takes up to three hours to complete. The removal of stubborn fat is replaced with healing tissues and fluids, which reorganize underneath the skin within three months. Once this occurs, the skin tightens and feels rejuvenated.

It is normal for patients to notice some swelling and achiness post-procedure. This swelling can be reduced through ultrasounds or lymphatic massage. Within three months, this discomfort fades away—as does the stubborn body fat.

Beverly Hills Smart Laser Lipo is an excellent option for patients who want to permanently tighten their skin without the stress that comes with cosmetic surgery. This bloodless, virtually painless non invasive lipo treatment can reduce unwanted body fat on almost every body part, and it is also an effective solution after weight loss.


In contrast to Smart Laser Lipo, S.A.F.E Lipo requires a powered wand-like tool to melt patients’ fat. Each letter stands for a different step in this fat melting treatment:

S: S stands for separation. A cosmetic specialist uses a powered tool to break down fat in unwanted areas gently. This fat is accessed through tiny incisions allowing a proprietary cannula to be inserted underneath the skin.

A: A stands for aspiration. As this fat melts, the wand can reach the deepest fat layers in the skin.

FE: FE stands for fat equalization. After the fat is liquified, we can spread it evenly along the superficial fat layer. This is the most important step of the process: If the melted fat is not evenly distributed, then indentations could be created. A fun way to think of fat equalization is like spreading cake batter evenly into a pan. Evenness is crucial to S.A.F.E Lipo being successful.

Smart Lipo and SAFELipo in Beverly Hills do not require suctioning techniques or general anesthesia. They can also both be performed on almost all body parts, and both can give patients the results they are looking for.


Are you looking to lift sagging skin at your jowl line and chin? Our innovative fat-melting treatment for the lower face and neck may be the perfect fit for you. We use a vacuum suction device with radio frequency heat that melts stubborn fat along the lower face. It also tightens loose skin and contours the chin for a rejuvenated appearance.

Like our other treatment options, our ReLift lower facelift is non-invasive and gets the job done quickly. This process is pain-free and does not require topical anesthesia. Thanks to Viora’s Propriety CORE Technology, we can offer patients a safe and comfortable experience from start to finish. Who knew that fat melting could be so easy?

This procedure is best for patients who want to redefine their jawline and tighten their skin. It is also considered an anti-aging treatment because it restores skin elasticity and improves blood circulation.

Want to learn more about fat melting and how our Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery team can help? Connect with us, and we’ll find the perfect treatment for you.

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