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Red Carpet Peel

Skin Resurfacing & Chemical Peel in Los Angeles

Affected areas:

Your complexion can be impacted by a variety of issues, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and sun spots. Dr. Assassa’s Red Carpet Peel can restore a bright, clear complexion and rejuvenate the look of your face.

How it works:

As the Red Carpet Peel seeps into the skin, it boosts collagen while lifting off the top layer, or the epidermis, of the skin. This causes a peeling effect. After a layer of skin peels off, it reveals the second layer or the dermis, which has fresher, tighter cells that are not as damaged. The patient may feel a burning sensation (similar to mild a sun burn) for 1-2 minutes during the peel.


After any peel, the skin will likely feel tight, as if it is mild sunburned or wind burned. The peeling off of the top layer of skin can take up to three days. You may be given special moisturizer or a gentle cleanser to avoid irritation.

Chemical Peel Before & After

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