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Non-Surgical Under Eye Hollow

Got dark circles under the eyes?

Hollowness and darkness under the eyes can be a separate or concurrent problem with puffy under eye bags. The unevenness of the area also called “Tear Trough” can become shadowy, which in turn will look like “dark circles” under the eyes. Having both conditions make you always look tired regardless of how much sleep you get or how many under eyes serums you use. The good news is that Dermal fillers injection can improve Volume loss under your eyes and some cases they can used to treat puffy eye bags.

What Causes Dark Circles under the eyes?

Hollow under-eyes, commonly referred to as “tear trough”, is the inner portion of the lower eyelid depression.

  • As we age, there is a natural decrease in fatty tissue under the lower eyelid and upper cheek area. The skin and muscles of the lower lid slowly lose elasticity and no longer remain tightly secured in place. These changes can eventually cause the tear trough () to become puffy or bulge away from the face. When the tissue under the eye pushes outward, “bags” begin to develop.

  • Hereditary factors can contribute to early onset of dark circles under the eyes in very young people.

  • In some ethnicities, dark circles are caused by darker pigment in your skin. Not sure how to tell? Hold a mirror and look up so that bright overhead lighting hits you directly. If the shadow disappears, your dark circle is caused by a hollow. If the color is still there, it’s pigment. The only effective solution for under eyes pigmentation is applying a concealer.

How to get rid of Dark Circles under the eyes

Dermal Fillers

Tear trough rejuvenation or correction with dermal fillers is popular with both men and women who want to look more rested youthful and refreshed. They are the most effective option would be to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, sometimes they are called, "tear-trough filler. They smooth out the under eye and eliminate the dark circles and unflattering shadows that cause us to look tired and older! When properly injected in the hollow tear trough, RESTYLANE® or JUVEDERM® fillers give a natural-looking result without the swelling. Placement of the filler is also important. When placed too superficially under the eyes, fillers can cause a bluish swelling called the Tyndall effect, therefore, fillers must be injected under the muscle layer in this area.

Dr. Assassa employs a unique, safe, non-invasive method for eliminating hollow eye syndrome and bags under the eyes. Using an injectable filler called RESTYLANE®, he evens out the plane beneath the eye, filling in the depression between the cheek and the eyelid. This eliminates the shadow that creates the dark appearance and improves the appearance of protruding lids. In some cases where the cheeks are deflated, filling the cheeks with a more supportive filler will be performed to enhance the results. Over time, RESTYLANE® stimulates the body’s natural collagen production in the areas where it is injected. The results last one year or more and patients typically return with depressions much shallower than when they started. The tear trough is a very tricky area. There’s a steep learning curve to this area because we are trying to camouflage very subtle fat or volume loss on a dynamic area of your face. It requires extra precision. Do your research without price shopping, and don't let anyone who isn’t experienced inject under your eyes.

Expected Results after Tear Trough Injections

  • Decreased hollowness the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes”

  • Reduced appearance of “eyebags”

  • Overall, more awake refreshed and rested appearance


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