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Non-Surgical Temples Contouring

Do you have hollow temples?

If so, they could be aging your face. Don’t overlook this common and frustrating problem if you are considering non-surgical treatments to help you look younger.
Most temples have a slight concavity, but deep hollows can create an older, unhealthy appearance. Treating this sunken facial area can provide a balanced contour with a smoother transition to the hairline and cheeks, giving you a more youthful look.

What Causes Hollow Temples?

As the years go by, the face gradually begins to lose its fat and bone layers Over time, this creates a gaunt, hollow appearance. Those people who are athletic or lean experience even more hollowing in the temple area as the years go by. When severe, it can give your head the shape of a peanut.

Along with volume loss, aging also causes the skin to lose elasticity. When the facial skin sags, hollowness in the temples is accentuated. People rarely know they have temple hollowing; they simply know they look less attractive.This is because temple hollowing changes the shape of your face from a “heart” to a “rectangle”. Treating this area can easily restore your “heart” shaped face and can also “lift” your brows, making your eyes look larger.

Non-Surgical Temples Contouring

A variety of cosmetic facial fillers can improve sunken temples.
For patients who want an instantly younger look, hyaluronic acid facial fillers may be used. Juvederm®, Restylane® and Belotero® can be excellent options for treating hollow temples. Fat Injection can also be used for temple restoration, as it offers good lifting effects and provide longer-lasting results.


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