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Non-Surgical Lower Face Lifting and Jaw Contouring

Dream jawline with dermal fillers?

Have you ever noticed that having a sharp, defined jawline is a sign of health and youth? A well-defined jaw can help you look younger at any age. In men, a strong jaw reflects confidence and for both men and women, definition in the chin and jawline can also improve the neck contours and refine a double chin.

If you have struggled to get the jawline of your dreams or predisposed to never have a defined jawline or a weak chin, do not worry! You have some non-surgical and surgical options available.

For clients of all ages who want to boost their appearance and add balance to their facial features, Beverly Hills Aesthetics offers the option of jawline contouring as well as non-surgical chin augmentation.

Both women and men can take advantage of injectable cosmetic products to create a contoured jawline or defined chin that frames the face; a weak or poorly defined side profile can be improved.


Jawline Contouring

There are differences in technique and shapes to produce a difference in results for male and female clients. . While men might want a more chiseled look that can increase masculinity, women might prefer a soft but defined jawline that does not create a “square face”.

There are a few key characteristics that make a person recognize a male jaw from a female one, including:

  • Men have longer chins.
  • The angles of a man’s jaw are sharp, giving it the appearance of a square, whereas a female’s square jaw is still rounded.
  • The chin on a man’s face is flat at the base, and a female chin is pointed.
  • A man’s jaw appears wider, heavier, and thicker than a woman’s.

Jawline contouring in men usually results in a more chiseled look with wider and more lateral projection of the jawline.


Not only can a strong, defined jawline suggest youth and vitality (loss of volume and elasticity starts to show in the skin as we age), it is the scaffolding for the entire face; ensuring it is firm can help the skin remain lifted for longer, and keep jowls at bay. “I call the jawline the ‘new cheeks’, because in previous years everyone wanted their cheeks filled. “Nowadays, with most people wanting a natural look, which I am an advocate of a defined and contoured jawline can reflect beauty and youth in a more subtle manner.”

That is why a quick, effective, in-office procedure is frequently requested by both, women who want a more “defined jaw”, as well as men who want a more “masculine jaw”. Here’s why… It’s quite simply, it slims, reshapes, and refines your jawline to give it a more pronounced look and feel, provides more balanced features without having to undergo surgery, and creates more separation between your jawline and your neck.


Receding Chin

A receding chin is another concern that clients often express to us.

The receding chin is most caused simply by genetics. Some people are born with their chin sloping backward—an aesthetic that they want to change.

Dermal fillers for jawlines can help to redefine the chin to minimize the inward slope.

Weak Jawline

Depending on if you are a male or female, you will probably have different goals when considering jawline contouring.

Most men who have a weak jawline typically want to have a more structured aesthetic look.

Most women are looking to soften their jawline, but still want to have some definition to create the optimal aesthetic.



Sagging/Aging Jawline

One of the consistent trouble areas we hear about from older clients is about their jawline sagging. This is a telltale sign of age. As we get older, the jawline becomes less defined and our skin becomes looser, causing it to sag and lose its definition.

In young people, the jawline forms a gently curved straight line from the tip of the chin up to the ear on either side. It reflects young elastic skin, full fat compartments, and a strong bony foundation underneath. Unfortunately, all these structures are affected by age.

To understand the role of fillers or fat injections on the jawline, you need to understand the aging process in the lower face, and it’s not pretty.

Our skin loses elasticity and tends to hang with age rather than snapping back. Meanwhile the jowl gradually forms as the cheek tissue descends about one-third of the way from the tip of the chin. Making matters worse, we lose fat in the areas just in front of, and behind, the jowl. This fat loss tends to accentuate the jowl further. Finally, the mandible (jawbone) itself thins as we get older providing less support to the overlying structures. The aging jawline isn’t pretty. Thank goodness we now have non-surgical options to help slow down that process.

Jawline contouring with fillers or fat injection can help redefine the jaw area, get rid of the sagging and camouflage the jowl.



A double chin, also known as submental fat and submandibular fat, are common conditions that occur when a layer of fat forms below your chin. A double chin is often associated with weight gain, but you don’t have to be overweight to have one. Genetics or looser skin resulting from aging may also cause a double chin. Smart Lipo of neck is non-surgical treatment performed under local anesthesia that melt and remove and tighten skin. “


A slimmer V face shape

​​​​​​​Square Jawline?

Women who have square jawlines tend to have large masseter muscles. What’s the masseter muscle? It’s located in the jaw and is responsible for moving your jaw whenever you eat or chew food. If you chew a lot of gum, you can accentuate the size of the masseter muscle over time.
Not everyone is a good candidate for Neurotox jawline recontouring. Basically, to decide if you’re a good candidate, the doctor must measure the thickness of your masseter muscle, which is easily determined by biting down hard and feeling the outer jawline. If your masseter muscle appears to be almost rock hard and enlarged in appearance when you bite down, then you’re most likely a good candidate for this procedure.

How We Use Neurotox to Contour Your Jawline?

Neurotox can reshape your jawline. If you have a face shape that’s too wide at the jaws, the culprits behind that are most likely your masseter muscles, otherwise known as your chewing muscles. As you age, these muscles can become more pronounced over time, causing a woman’s face to look more masculine. So, by injecting Neurotox into these muscles, you can slim down your face, giving it a more feminine, symmetrical look. With repeated Neurotox injections, your chewing muscles will become weaker over time, resulting in a smaller jawline.

Compared to more traditional jawline recontouring procedures, which involve invasive and complicated techniques such as shaving the jawbone and/or removing the muscle or outer layer of the lower jaw, Neurotox jawline contouring is non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning you can resume your normal activities just a few days after treatment.

Facial slimming Neurotox injections can be used to slim the face and alleviate the symptoms of teeth grinding and jaw clenching by reducing the size of the masseter (bite) muscle. Facial slimming can also be combined with cheekbone fillers to improve the facial structure, making it looks slimmer, more contoured, and tapered.​​​​​​​


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