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Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles, often coined as “tech neck” or “turkey neck”, have become an increasing concern for many. The delicate skin of the neck is prone to displaying early signs of aging, and with the added strain of modern lifestyles – constantly bending our heads to peer into smartphones or laptops – the prevalence of neck wrinkles has seen a significant surge. For Los Angeles residents, these signs of aging can be a blemish on an otherwise youthful appearance. But there’s good news. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, led by the esteemed Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D., a myriad of non-surgical solutions awaits those eager to rejuvenate this pivotal area.

Why Neck Wrinkles Occur

Before presenting treatment options, understanding the underlying causes of neck wrinkles can be enlightening. The neck is composed of thinner skin when compared to other parts of the body, making it more susceptible to external and internal factors. Sun exposure, genetics, gravity, and lifestyle habits like smoking or an unbalanced diet can all contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. This results in sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles that age us prematurely.

Non-Surgical Neck Lines Removal: Proven Techniques and Treatments

While surgery might be the go-to solution for many, Dr. Sam Assassa believes in the potential of non-surgical treatments, which offer effective results without the inherent risks of invasive procedures. Here’s what Beverly Hills Aesthetics offers to its esteemed Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients:

  • Dermal Fillers: These are designed to replace lost volume and smooth out wrinkles. By injecting them directly into the neck lines, the skin regains its youthful plumpness, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Neurotox®: Neurotox® isn’t just for forehead lines. When used on the neck, it can relax the platysma muscle, reducing the appearance of vertical bands and offering a smoother look.
  • Radiofrequency Treatments: This technology heats the deeper layers of the skin, promoting collagen production and tightening the skin. It offers a non-invasive way to address sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck.
  • Laser Resurfacing: By targeting the neck’s outer layer, laser treatments can minimize the appearance of wrinkles, encourage collagen production, and offer a rejuvenated appearance.

Reclaim Your Confidence with Beverly Hills Aesthetics

Your neck doesn’t have to betray your age. With Dr. Sam Assassa’s expertise and the cutting-edge treatments at Beverly Hills Aesthetics, addressing neck wrinkles has never been easier or more effective. For Beverly Hills and Los Angeles residents seeking a refreshed, youthful appearance, the solutions are at your fingertips. Contact us today!

For more information or to find out the right option for you, call Beverly Hills Aesthetics at 424-284-7570 Or Request a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Assassa. We look forward to meeting you.

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