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One of the undeniable signs of aging is the appearance of jowls or a sagging jawline. Jowls are the droopy skin that hangs just below the jaw, which can give the face an older and tired appearance. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and its ability to produce collagen, leading to sagging. While the formation of jowls is a natural part of the aging process, factors such as genetics, sun exposure, diet, and smoking can exacerbate their appearance. For many residents of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, this can be a point of concern, especially given the city’s spotlight on youthful vibrancy and beauty.

Non-Surgical Solutions for Sagging Jawline with Beverly Hills Aesthetics

While surgical interventions were once the go-to solution for jowl correction, Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D., at Beverly Hills Aesthetics, offers revolutionary non-surgical treatments that provide impressive results without the need for invasive procedures. Two of the standout treatments for addressing jowls include:

  • Jawline Contouring with Fillers: This treatment involves injecting fillers into specific areas of the jawline. These fillers can lift and tighten the skin, significantly reducing the appearance of jowls. This method not only provides instant results but is also safe, with minimal downtime.
  • Fat Injections for Jaw Definition: For those seeking a more natural solution, fat injections can be an ideal choice. Using fat from the patient’s body, this treatment fills in the regions around the jowls, camouflaging their appearance and offering a more defined jaw area. It’s a two-fold benefit, as it provides a natural filler and utilizes the body’s resources.

Both these treatments can drastically reduce the sagging and give the face a more youthful, uplifted appearance.

Why Choose Beverly Hills Aesthetics for Your Jowls Treatment?

When it comes to aesthetics, especially in a city as glamorous as Los Angeles, expertise matters. Dr. Sam Assassa, M.D., is a renowned non-surgical aesthetic cosmetic specialist, bringing years of experience and innovation to his treatments. His patient-focused approach ensures that every individual receives care tailored to their specific needs and aesthetic desires. The team at Beverly Hills Aesthetics uses state-of-the-art techniques and tools to offer solutions that are both effective and long-lasting. Moreover, the commitment to non-surgical methods means faster recovery times, reduced risks, and natural-looking results.

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Age might be inevitable, but living with aesthetic concerns doesn’t have to be. If you’re in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills and are considering addressing your jowls, contact us today. Let the expertise at Beverly Hills Aesthetics guide you.

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