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Neurotox for Large Pores and Acne

Affected Areas:

Intradermal Neurotox® is a procedure that benefits those with oily skin and oversized pores. Intradermal Neurotox® gives you a beautiful smooth, poreless, matte finish to your skin.

How it Works:

Unlike Cosmetic Neurotox®, Intradermal Neurotox® is not injected into the muscles that target facial expression. Instead, it is injected into the arrector pili, or fine muscles in the skin attached to hair follicles that cause them to protrude from the skin at the surface. That protuberance is known as a pore. Therefore, injecting Neurotox® in this manner contracts the skin’s pores. When you minimize pores, this results in a smaller skin surface area. In Addition, Neurotox® can prevent recurring acne breakouts due to its ability to reduce excessive skin oil production.


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