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Thighs Lipo

Inner Thigh

The inner thighs are a very common problem area for women. Unfortunately, this area is also more prone to irregularities if liposuction is not done properly. The skin of the inner thighs is very thin, and if the surgeon does not have respect for the elasticity of the skin in this area, irregularities will result.

Outer Thigh

Fat deposits in the outer thighs, also known as saddlebags, are probably the most common problem area for women. This area defines a woman’s width in her lower half. Even small differences in the outer thighs can make a great improvement to a woman’s silhouette. Properly performed liposuction of the outer thighs gives a smaller overall look and a rounder shape to the buttocks. It is extremely important to pay attention to symmetry in the outer thighs liposuction, as it defines the entire silhouette

Thighs Lipo Before & After

Thighs Lipo
Thighs Lipo
Thighs Lipo
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