Nonsurgical rhinoplasty dates as far back as the early 1900s. It uses injectable dermal fillers to shape and alter a person’s nose without performing surgery. It is also commonly known as the liquid nose job. The procedure has a reputation for improving the appearance and aesthetics of your nose. But like every other surgical or nonsurgical procedure, it is vital to talk to your doctor before signing up for it.


The nose significantly affects your general look. Insecurities surrounding the nose and its proportion to other facial features have kept many from feeling beautiful and confident.

The procedure corrects up to 70 percent of nasal aesthetic flaws. With minimal downtime and cost-effectiveness, nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a safe, non-invasive procedure. Something to note is that this form of enhancement is reversible, so you can have the surgeon dissolve the fillers and redo any enhancement to your specification.


This procedure involves widening three key angles of your nose to attain your desired size or shape. Commonly, the professional will place ice on the nose to induce numbness before the treatment begins. In some cases, they apply topical anesthesia to the nose and surrounding areas to prevent pain.

Your doctor will proceed to use tiny needles to inject Neurotox or dermal fillers into your nasal cavity. These fillers induce the gradual growth of new tissue that eventually forms a more permanent, natural-looking implant. Some of the most common fillers used in this procedure include; JUVEDERM® VOLUMA®, Radiesse®, and your fatty tissue.

Focusing on the nasal contour and the nasal tip, the 15-minute procedure effectively enhances the shape and size of your nose to desired levels.

Since this procedure is short, the discomfort fades after at least two days. The results are immediate and last one to two years.


Like most procedures, nonsurgical rhinoplasty has a few mild side effects. Sensitivity, bruises, and redness occur around the injected area. Ice helps relieve the pain. Other symptoms you should look out for are blurred vision, swelling of the nose and surrounding areas, fever, nausea, and hives.

In a few cases, patients experience filler migration. It is when the filler or Neurotox moves to other untargeted parts of the nose and under the eyes. In case this happens, make another appointment with your doctor for a corrective procedure.


Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is the solution for you if you are looking to:

  • Improve the appearance or general aesthetics of your nose.
  • Lift and reshape your nose.
  • Raise your nasal bridge.
  • Make your nose look straighter or longer.
  • Improve facial balance.
  • Correct unevenness from previous procedures and get immediate results.

It is safe and done according to your preferred look. However, this procedure is not an option if you want a smaller nose.

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