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Weight loss is a tough battle that millions of people fight each day. The popularity of diet plans, lifestyle changes, and various workouts testifies to this fact. Unfortunately, diet and exercise can only do so much—leaving many with areas they struggle to lose fat. The fat around the abdomen and waist is notoriously challenging to eliminate, for example. It’s for this recalcitrant fat that love handles lipo can help them. Read on to learn why.


Nonsurgical body contouring has fewer risks than traditional surgical procedures. Surgery involves incisions, which can harm body tissues. Laser lipo does not use cuts or general anesthesia.

It helps reduce risks such as infection, extreme pain, ulcers, hernias, gallstones, nausea, vomiting, and hypoglycemia. You can say goodbye to your love handles without worrying about permanent damage.


Laser lipo body contouring is a quick and convenient treatment option. It does not take months to plan for the procedure. You simply make an appointment with the surgical doctor for the treatment.

Laser lipo can be completed in less than one hour, depending on your goals and the size of the treatment area. If you want to look your best for an event a few days away, you can enjoy the immediate results.


A popular benefit of love handles lipo is faster recovery. Unlike surgical procures that require months of recovery, you can get back to work immediately with laser lipo. You do not have to spend weeks lying in bed waiting for incisions to heal.

With no anesthesia to deal with, you can get back to your activities immediately after treatment. Any side effects associated with laser lipo, such as redness and mild inflammation, are mild and go away within hours.


Laser lipo targets fat cells. It results in accurate and consistent results. Laser energy permanently destroys fat cells. You can maintain the results for as long as you do not gain more weight. Cells in other areas can continue to store fat. To keep your new contour, adopt a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise. You may require several treatment sessions to achieve your desired shape.


While surgery is not ideal for everyone, most people can get laser lipo. The accessibility makes it suitable for people with conditions that do not allow them to undergo invasive surgery. Love handles lipo can work for people of different sizes and body shapes.

The concept is the same for slim or larger patients with love handles. The technique targets stubborn subcutaneous fat that fails to respond to diet and exercise. It helps tone and contour the body.

Nonsurgical contouring is a versatile technique that can improve various body areas. The surgeon can create a customized treatment that targets precise sections to give you a toned look. You can achieve a natural-looking shape without scarring. You remain awake throughout the comfortable, pain-free treatment. Most patients relax, read, listen to music, or watch videos during the treatment.

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