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Cellulite can cause lumpy and uneven skin on the buttocks, hips, or thighs. It occurs when connective tissue bands pull down the skin over the parts of your body with fat. If having cellulite bothers you, there are various ways to remove it. Below are some of the ways you can get rid of cellulite.


Stem cells found in fatty tissues are usually dormant but become active when they need to regenerate damaged tissue in your body. They can replicate quickly and change into various cell types due to their unique abilities.

Fat shifting happens by releasing fiber strands onto the cellulite-affected part. The strands shift then make the localized fat flat to fill the dimples caused by cellulite. Slim people also have cellulite in their bodies.

Fat injection is a better option than fat shifting. It happens if the cellulite dimples are very deep. The procedure happens by doing a localized numbing to collect some fat from your stomach area or the sides. The fat becomes deposited into the lumpy areas with cellulite to diminish the appearance of the dimples.


Most people prefer this treatment and consider it the best because it treats the primary structural cause of dimpling. Your specialist will apply a local anesthetic to the cellulite site then insert a special needle under your skin. As a result, it redistributes fat evenly under the surface of your skin. It also breaks the fibrin strands under your skin.

After three days, your treated area allows your skin to become smooth. Your doctor can combine subcision with fat injection if you have very deep dimples on the skin for effective results.


Most patients use this treatment to contour their bodies, tighten their skin, and reduce the appearance of their cellulite. It is a safe, effective, and painless way to treat cellulite. Your specialist will combine vacuum therapy with radiofrequency heat. Doing so will help target your cellulite with accurate precision. Patients see dramatic improvements after completing their Viora cellulite treatments.


Cellulaze™ is a cellulite removal non-invasive surgery done for cosmetic purposes. The technique eliminates cellulite in all its development stages by shrinking fats. It is an in-office procedure that removes all the degrees of cellulite and the skin texture that makes it look like an orange peel.

The following is how the procedure works:

  • Softens stretch marks
  • Eliminates body toxins
  • Refines your body contour
  • Reduces cellulite drastically
  • Results in fat loss and inch loss
  • Reduces lymphatic congestion


Acoustic wave therapy gets rid of cellulite by using pressure waves. The waves stimulate the production of collagen, thus making your skin tighter. It also breaks down fiber strands that make your skin have dimples. The treatment causes your lymphatic channels to destroy the fat and drain any toxins you may have.

Acoustic wave therapy treatments take less than thirty minutes, and you may need to go for up to eight sessions for visible results. The process requires no anesthesia and happens in the doctor’s office. Some patients experience bruising, discomfort, and redness after the treatment. However, you do not require any downtime after the procedure.

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