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Migraines can be painful and debilitating. Without treatment, they can affect your quality of life and keep you away from the activities you love. Sometimes, you may receive treatment using medication that does not work. It will get you to the point where you will be ready to try anything. Before you try anything else, try Neurotox®.

What Is Neurotox®?
Neurotox® is a derivative of the botulinum type A toxin. When the doctor injects it into your muscles, it causes temporary paralysis. It blocks certain chemicals or neurotransmitters that cause contractions leading to migraines. The muscles relax, relieving the pain and discomfort of migraines.

Although Neurotox® is extensively effective in smoothing out facial wrinkles and fine lines, it helps in other ways. It can also treat a gummy smile, eye twitching, and masculine jawline.

How Does It Work?
Neurotox® is a safe and effective way of dealing with migraines. The doctor uses a small needle to inject the Neurotox® into the tiny muscles around your head, face, and neck. However, the doctor will consider the unique points where the pain originates. Injecting Neurotox® into these trigger points prevents acetylcholine from causing the muscles to relax.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. You may not see the benefits immediately, but you will notice that chronic pain will start reducing in a few weeks. You may need to get the shots every four to six months. Make sure that you get your injections from a trained professional.

Benefits of Neurotox® for Migraines
Studies show that Neurotox® is safe, and it works in relieving the symptoms of migraines. There are several other benefits of using the treatment. They include:

No Downtime
You do not have to miss work or your daily activities with Neurotox®. The procedure allows you to return to what you need to do the same day. You may experience some minor bruising and tenderness from the injections. However, they resolve themselves in days.

It Is Safe
Neurotox® treatment has FDA approval as of 2010 to help adults who get chronic migraines. Hence, it is safe for use. However, consider some stipulations, like having a history of migraines.

It is not approved for use by people that get 14 or fewer headaches a month. It allows tension headaches, but you must get them more than 15 times a month. Please note that there is no approval for other headaches like cluster headaches.

Neurotox® may not be quick in relieving chronic migraines, but it is effective. For some people, they get to a point where they do not need to get injections to treat migraines. Still, other people may need injections every four to six months.

The toxin effectively stops the muscular contractions that lead to headaches and migraines. It relaxes the muscles and inhibits the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from causing havoc in the treatment areas.

Note that doctors do not recommend Neurotox® for pregnant or breastfeeding women. You should also not have a history of neuromuscular disorders.

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