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You are probably familiar with the use of Neurotox® for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. However, it has other purposes. One of these is helping slim your jawline and face. You do not need to go to the gym or put on makeup to contour. The procedure relaxes the concerned muscles and smooths out your facial features.


It is a popular noninvasive treatment involving botulinum type A toxin. The injectable neurotoxin is effective in slimming your jawline and face. It gives the features that you desire without worrying about downtime. There are no wounds, unlike other surgical procedures. Thus, pain is minimal, if any.


The toxin reshapes your face and jawline by attaching itself to the nerve endings and blocking the release of acetylcholine. The neurotransmitter triggers contractions that widen your face and give you a muscular jawline.


Teeth clenching, grinding, and overusing your jaw muscles can result in an overly prominent jaw. The culprits behind this are the masseter muscles that span from the mid to the lower face. These chewing muscles also seem to enlarge over time as you age.

Not everyone with accentuated masseter muscles is a candidate for the procedure. The doctor will need to measure the thickness of these muscles before deciding on the treatment. The test is easy and involves biting down hard as the doctor feels your jawline. The doctor will recommend you for the procedure if the muscles are rock-hard and have an enlarged appearance.


Sometimes, your lower face may appear wide at the jawline. The masseter muscles are also responsible for this appearance, which results in a masculine look. Neurotox® injections cause these muscles to relax and become weaker. You may need to repeat the injections so the muscles can atrophy with time. They will also result in a smaller jawline.


Using Neurotox® has a variety of benefits. Here are some that relate to jaw reduction and lower face slimming.


Traditional jaw reduction involves invasive techniques that shave the jawbone or remove muscle in the lower jaw. Neurotox® is nonsurgical and seeks to weaken these muscles. There is no downtime and painful wounds that need to heal. You can resume your duties a few days after treatment. You may have mild irritation from the injections, but they resolve themselves within a few days.


Neurotox® for jaw reduction also provides relief for patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction. As the muscles weaken, it relieves headaches, jaw pain, and soreness. The condition can also result in neck and shoulder tension that goes away after Neurotox® treatment.


The procedure will contour your jawline, tapering it and creating more definition. You will start noticing the difference within six weeks. However, the results will last from six months to one year. Your jawline will look and feel softer. You will need to book a second round after six months to help maintain the results and reemphasize the contour.

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