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You can have a gummy smile due to different reasons. However, the overall result may lower your self-esteem and confidence. You may smile less because you feel your teeth are smaller than usual.

You may resign yourself to your fate, but you do not need to. You can get rid of a gummy smile in different ways. One of these is the use of Neurotox.


Neurotox is a drug from the botulinum toxin. It treats certain muscular conditions by preventing the release of acetylcholine. It attaches itself to the nerve endings and restricts the neurotransmitter, causing flaccid paralysis. The toxin causes the muscles to relax.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?
A gummy smile or excessive gingival display is the appearance of a large portion of gum tissue above the upper teeth. The visible part of gum tissue should be about three or four millimeters. There are different causes of gummy smiles. They include:

  • Lip issues.
  • Tooth issues.
  • Jaw issues.
  • Gum issues.

Whatever the issue, treatment is available depending on the problem. If your gummy smile is due to lip issues, you should try Neurotox.

How Does It Work?

The beauty of the procedure is that it is quick and noninvasive. The doctor will inject one or two units of Neurotox. They will do this in the treatment area between the upper lip and the nose. It temporarily freezes the muscles on the upper lip that contract and causes it to elevate when you smile. It also creates a natural and appealing smile.

Recovery and Results

You can return to work immediately after the procedure, and you may also see immediate results. However, the full effect occurs within two weeks. You will be able to smile naturally without elevating your upper lip. The results will last for three months. Also, note that the more you repeat the procedure, the more time you will get before requiring more treatment.

Benefits of Neurotox

Neurotox has various benefits when treating an overactive lip. Some of the benefits include:

Quick and Natural

The treatment allows you to return to your day-to-day activities immediately after treatment—it is quick and has minimal downtime. You will also see optimal results in about two weeks. The muscles in the upper lip relax and allow you to smile naturally.

Minimal Discomfort

There is minimal pain or discomfort from the Neurotox procedure. Surgery and other treatments can be painful. The pain can be uncomfortable and restrict you from participating in activities you love. However, the discomfort from the Neurotox injections only lasts a few days.


Neurotox is cheaper than getting surgery. You will need one or two units of the injection, which are affordable. And with time, you will require injections at longer intervals, reducing the cost. You will not need to spend money every three weeks.

Minimally Invasive

Due to the use of injections, the procedure is minimally invasive. There are no cuts or wounds that need to heal. Thus, there are minimal complications.

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