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Baby Botox Vs. Botox: What Is the Difference?

Botox, over the years, has become very popular among patients who want to get rid of their wrinkles. A few years ago, the first images that would come to people's minds were the frozen faces of celebrities.

However, Botox has come a long way from the rigid face results. Nowadays, practitioners and patients prefer more realistic results with people using Botox to keep the signs of aging at bay or get rid of frown lines. Technology has developed to provide them with just that.


What Is the Difference Between Baby Botox and Traditional Botox?

Both types of Botox use the same toxin solution, botulinum, to achieve its effects. The primary difference is in the purpose and technique of use. Doctors will use traditional Botox for corrective procedures while they use baby Botox for preventive measures. 

Doctors use baby Botox on patients who have many wrinkles or lines and are worried about the effects of aging. Doctors inject the toxin in small doses in the targeted areas for baby Botox. In traditional Botox, they inject the toxin in significant amounts per area. 

Baby Botox only slightly affects the movement of facial muscles compared to traditional Botox. Bigger facial muscles will usually correspond to greater doses. The personalized treatment of baby Botox requires a very experienced doctor or nurse.


How Do They Work?

Baby Botox works in the same principles as traditional Botox, but baby Botox achieves a more natural look. They both use the toxin botulinum A, which blocks nerve signals to the specific muscles in the face that cause wrinkles or lines. The toxin achieves this effect by paralyzing the muscles until it wears off. 

Because your facial muscles are not contracting and forming lines, your face starts to appear smoother. Plastic surgeons can also use Botox to add volume to specific parts of your face, like the lips. Baby Botox or mini Botox means that the changes will be less dramatic.


What Happens During a Botox Consultation?

Finding an experienced plastic surgeon to perform the treatment would be best. During the consultation, you will discuss your desired results. The doctor will inform you how much of the Botox they will inject. They will also tell you how long the results will last and how much change to expect. 

Most doctors will lean more towards baby Botox than traditional Botox. It is because, with baby Botox, they can add more if needed. On the other hand, traditional Botox cannot be extracted if the results are too dramatic.


What Happens During the Procedure?


  • First, you will arrive at the doctor's and remove any makeup with a cleanser

  • They will swab your face with alcohol and may apply local anesthesia

  • The doctor will then inject the Botox into the target areas

  • After the treatment, you can leave and resume your day.


Who Is a Candidate for Baby Botox?


Baby Botox is ideal if:


  • You are young

  • You have never had Botox treatment before

  • You want to prevent wrinkles

  • You want to retain facial movement after wrinkle removal

  • You want a subtle result from Botox treatment.

For more on baby Botox and Botox, visit Beverly Hills Aesthetics at our office in Los Angeles, California. You can call 424-284-7570 to book an appointment today.

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