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Under-eye hollows are a typical result of staying up with inadequate sleep and aging. They tend to make you look much older than you are.

If they are due to of a lack of sleep, they should disappear when you have adequate sleep. But if they are due to aging, they are less likely to go away on their own. In the face of these more permanent under-eye hollows, consider nonsurgical treatment to save your youth.


Under-eye hollows naturally form with age, often hastened by your lifestyle or changes in your life. The most common causes are:


Aging usually results in the atrophy of cells as your muscle cells degenerate, leaving the skin over them to sag. The loss of muscle and collagen underneath the skin under the eyes results from this natural process. The skin tends to cave in to fill the space left by the missing muscle and collagen cells.


Lack of enough water in your body can lead to sunken eyes or under-eye hollows as a side effect. While this is much more common in children than adults, it does happen to adults in severe cases. You can correct this situation by taking water slowly over a few hours to hydrate the body.


If you are overworking and do not make enough time to rest and sleep, you will likely become fatigued and exhausted and develop under-eye hollows. These hollows are usually remedied easily by improving your sleep schedule.


If you go on a diet that causes rapid weight gain or loss, it can lead to the formation of under-eye hollows. These are usually the result of the shift in fatty deposits in the face, leading to an appearance of hollow under the eyes.


You can develop under-eye hollows on one eye or both. When you have under-eye hollows only under one eye, you may have a condition called enophthalmos. It is often a result of bone loss due to aging or trauma to the eye bone. It may also occur because of other reasons like:

  • Orbital surgery
  • Loss of weight in the face
  • HIV infection
  • Scleroderma, an inflammatory autoimmune disease
  • Metastatic breast cancer



Fillers are an appropriate treatment option for people with under-eye hollows that result from aging. As mentioned, these hollows appear due to the loss of tissues from age-related atrophy. Fillers will replace the collagen and muscle under the eyes and give you a fuller and more youthful face. Some of the typical fillers include:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite
  • Poly-L-Lactic acid fillers
  • Autologous fat transfer


This is a less invasive treatment for under-eye hollows. It helps resolve skin laxity and smoothens and tightens the skin under the eyes. The water in the cells under the skin absorbs the laser energy that penetrates deeply, stimulating the collagen’s remodeling and contraction.

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