Nose jobs reshape and beautify your nose, leaving you feeling more confident about your facial features. In some cases, it corrects botched surgical procedures that leave you with low self-esteem. It is a quick procedure that takes about 30 minutes, with the discomfort lasting only a few hours. The beauty of it is that the process can induce the formation of new tissue over time. Eventually, your body will create its permanent implant.

So, are you thinking of getting a nose job and wondering if you are a good candidate? Here are some points doctors look at when deciding if you are suitable.


Like in any other procedure, the doctor will consider your overall health. They do this because health affects how fast you heal and whether complications may arise. In some cases, the doctor may suggest a waiting period. These cases include cold sores, acne, or rosacea. They will also ask you to wait if you take supplements or medications that thin your blood.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers also need to wait before having the procedure. The dermal fillers may have some reactions to their bodies. Therefore, it is better if they wait until they are through breastfeeding.


The doctor will try to establish if you are allergic to any of the compounds in the fillers. Otherwise, you may end up with nausea, swelling, hives, and fever. The injection site may also become red, tender, and show some bruising. If you notice any reaction to the fillers, notify your doctor immediately.

They can resolve some of these issues if you take quick action, especially if you notice and notify them within the first 12 hours of treatment.


Does your nose have a bump, indentation, or droopy tip, or is it crooked? You are a good candidate for a nose job if your answer is yes to any of these. The basis of the procedure is the widening of three significant angles of the nose. Therefore, it can deal with most of these issues. It will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.


The procedure benefits patients who have a botched surgical nose job. You do not have to undergo surgery again. Get a consultation, and the doctor will tell you whether they can improve your situation. It is usually a residual indentation or bumps that do not need invasive surgery.

But to prevent the likelihood of botched surgery, Beverly Hills Aesthetics highly recommends visiting a true expert to do the job. Only a professional with extensive knowledge of nasal anatomy can produce the most favorable results.


After the procedure, you can get back to your activities the same day. However, do not expect the appearance to change too much. If you are looking for a dramatic change, you may need to go for the traditional nose job.

You may also not expect to get significant side effects because of the non-invasive nature of the procedure. However, there may be some minor side effects. You may have some bruising and swelling. If it does not subside within the first 10 to 12 hours, seek medical advice.

For more information on whether you are a good candidate for a nose job, visit Beverly Hills Aesthetics at our office in Los Angeles, California. You can call 424-284-7570 today to schedule an appointment.

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