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Your smile can say a thousand words. Acting as a window into your soul, it reveals a lot about who you are and how comfortable you feel in your own skin. In a study by Cigna, 16% of people say that their smile impairs their self-confidence. Similarly, 15% say that they are not satisfied at all with their natural facial expressions.

Many associates have a “million-dollar smile” with oral health and teeth alignment. However, the shape of your mouth makes just as big of an impact on how you grin. Skin texture, muscle function, support structure, and fat volume all create our everyday facial expressions. The aging process affects these parts of our bodies in different ways. For some, it causes the corners of the lips to droop downwards over time. This results in a permanent sad resting face, also known as perma-mouth-frown. Perma-mouth-frowns cannot be controlled; those who suffer from them can feel self-conscious about how they express their emotions.

“Unfortunately, people perceive the droopy mouth corners as a negative cue,” Dr. Sam Assassa, founder of Beverly Hills Aesthetics, says. “It gives them a mistaken signal that the person is sad, angry, or grumpy.”

We are here to help. Revolutionizing the world of cosmetics, our practice offers a variety of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures that give patients the million-dollar smiles they deserve.

Interested in a couple of our treatment options? If so, keep reading!


SmileLift is a 30-minute procedure that was carefully designed to reverse the effects of perma-mouth-frown. Performed under local anesthesia, SmileLift does not require scalpels or stitches. This non-surgical procedure lifts the corners of a patient’s mouth through Dr. Assassa’s minimally-invasive techniques. It quite literally turns perma-mouth-frowns upside down.

“I use a tiny instrument to help lift the mouth corners and turn your expression from a sad resting face to a happy one,” Dr. Assassa says.

Post-treatment, patients can expect immediate results that can last up to two years after the procedure. While minimal bruising and swelling may occur, SmileLift does not leave any scars on the skin. It takes an average of 3-5 days to recover from the procedure. After that, Dr. Assassa is confident that patients will feel and look like their happiest selves.

Here are the pros to receiving Dr. Assassa’s SmileLift treatment:

  • SmileLift is a virtually painless, non-surgical procedure
  • Recovery times are quick and minimal swelling only lasts for up to 3-5 days
  • Long-lasting results
  • $1,500 treatment is cost-effective when compared to surgical solutions


In addition to perma-mouth-frowns, many clients visit Beverly Hills Aesthetics to improve their gummy smiles. A gummy smile occurs when the upper lip rests too high on the gums, causing more of the upper gum tissues in the mouth to be exposed. While the “ideal” smile does not show more than 2 millimeters of the upper gums, people with gummy smiles tend to show 3 millimeters or more of these tissues.

Most cases of gummy smiles are caused by genetics and occur more frequently in women. About 14% of women and 7% of men in the population live with this condition.

This is why we offer Botox® as an effective solution to gummy smiles. The treatment is minimally-invasive and cost-effective as compared to other surgical options. During the 5-minute treatment, botulinum toxin type A is injected into the upper lip. This main ingredient in Botox® allows the lip muscles to relax and better cover the patients’ upper gum tissues. Results can be seen two weeks after the procedure.

To break it down, here are the pros of receiving Botox® for gummy smile:

  • Botox® injections cause little-to-no discomfort both during and after the procedure
  • Recovery is immediate, and bruising is minimal
  • This specific treatment is much more cost-effective option as compared to other treatment options
  • Results are natural and quick
  • Injections can be adjusted depending on the results required


At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, the leading cosmetic surgery center in Beverly Hills, we pride ourselves on giving patients the confidence they have been searching for through minimally-invasive treatments. It should not be a painful process for a client to maximize the beauty of their smiles—or any part of their body for that matter.

With his revolutionary work, Dr. Assassa strives to cut recovery times, improve patient comfort levels, and create an empowering environment.

“When you do a procedure in non-invasive, or let’s call it minimally invasive surgery, you have to understand what you’re doing,” he says. “Know your enemy, understand what the problem is, analyze it, and try to find a solution. That’s how you develop ideas for new techniques and procedures.”

Overall, Dr. Assassa finds great satisfaction in breaking his clients’ biggest insecurities.

“As they say, ‘Beauty is the eye of the beholder.’ You have to feel beautiful inside and out.”

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