Take Control of Excessive Sweating with BOTOX® and SweatZap™

Affected Areas: According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, excessive sweating and or hyperhidrosis affect approximately 7 million people in the US.

Excessive perspiration is a condition whereby an individual produces an excessive amount of perspiration and sweat. It can cause immense discomfort in social situations, pungent odor and the ruining of countless shirts and expensive suits or dresses.

In 1997, Dr. Sam Assassa, a renowned aesthetic surgery specialist and founder of Beverly Hills Aesthetics, was one of the first Cosmetic specialists in the United States to offer his clientele SweatZap™.

The Treatment: SweatZap™ is a one hour procedure pioneered by Dr. Assassa, that uses a targeted, minimally invasive laser energy, or “Smart Lipo”, passed underneath the skin under local anesthesia (Tumescent technique), to safely and permanently eliminate underarm sweat glands. Clinical studies show an 80% average reduction in sweating.

Working together, the light and energy from the lasers eliminate the sweat glands. At the same time, the laser energy seals the small blood vessels, thereby preventing bleeding, and it also stimulates collagen to tighten the skin.

Dr. Assassa will make a 1 to 2mm incision under a patient’s arm, in which local anesthetic is injected. The optical fibre of the laser is then inserted through a fine cannula (a small tube) into the same incision at a precise angle, directly reaching the sweat glands beneath the skin. Afterward, the target tissue is sucked out through a fine tube. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes per side.

What To Expect: Due to the cannula’s small size, SweatZap™ is considered to be a minimally invasive surgical procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. Because of laser use, small blood vessels coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising and a quicker recovery time. Normal activities can be resumed in a couple of days after the treatment.

The most common side effects are bruising and swelling, which are short lived. Few rare complications such skin discoloration, infection or scarring can occur, but are easily treatable and transitory.

The Results: SweatZap™ effects can be accomplished in one session, with about two days downtime. Many patients come to our office despondent because of their failure to control excessive armpit sweating. This condition can sometimes be a debilitating struggle that negatively affects everything from careers and education, to relationships and having fun. In fact, many patients have driven two-and-a-half hours to receive the SweatZap™ treatment at Beverly Hills Aesthetics. Now we can change their lives with SweatZap™. This minimally invasive treatment does something that no strong antiperspirant in the world can: gets rid of armpit sweat glands permanently.

The Process
  • Consultation:
    30 minutes
  • Procedure:
    30 minutes for Intradermal BOTOX®, 90 minutes for SmartLipo
  • Recovery:
    Intradermal BOTOX® has no recovery or downtime period. With SweatZap™, local bruising and swelling may occur, lasting about a week and sometimes longer.
  • Duration of results:
    Intradermal BOTOX® lasts 6-8 months. SmartLipo is permanent.
  • Cost:
    Call for details or request a complimentary consultation
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