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Your Most Beautiful Day

What was your most beautiful day? Ask a mom, and she will tell you that her child’s most beautiful day was the day they were born. No matter that a child is born most often with a pointy head, squinty eyes, and covered in all of the goo and gore that comes from giving birth. It matters not to a new mother. And a baby is too small to understand. A new born child is the most beautiful person in the world to their family.

Ask a child what their most beautiful day was? They might tell you the day that they got to dress up as a princess, and went to Disney World and had breakfast with Snow White.

It’s when we get to our teenage years that our vision of beauty starts to become influenced by what we see around us, and by others opinions. A young child does not care about freckles, or slightly crooked teeth. A young child does not care if their head is not perfectly round, but their parents might, and therefore, the new trend of putting a child into a helmet during the day to ensure a perfectly round head has now become popular amongst some parents.

Ask a newly engaged woman? She’s certainly going to tell you that her most beautiful day will be her wedding day. Women strive to lose weight, have perfect hair and achieve that glow that all brides have. While it is common advice not to change anything about your body, hair or skin within the last month leading up to the wedding, perhaps a red carpet peel (to just help that blushing bride glow) to remove those wrinkles and reducing pores is in order? A peel helps restore skin to that baby bottom smoothness that we all have at birth. A bride will always glow on her wedding day, Beverly Hills Aesthetics just wants to help that glow along, add to the sparkle and glamour of any wedding day.

A persons most beautiful day changes as they age and go through all that life brings them. A baby just born in no more beautiful than she will be when she is 85 years old, and all of her wrinkles tell the story of her life. That story is beautiful in it’s own right.

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