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What Women Do for Beauty

Raquel Welch wears a corset. Many women might. What many consider a medieval torture device, some women now wear for fashion, while others wear it to keep their figure in shape. And in this case, it set off every alarm in Chicago O’Hare Airport when she went through security. Not only has this uncomfortable piece of underwear become a fashion statement, it might just land you in jail on suspected terrorist charges! Seriously, as in Raquel Welch’s case, wearing a metal boned corset certainly provides for extra security screening at airports! Why go through the hassle, pain and uncomfortable feeling of having all of your bits squished and squeezed into something that needs the jaw’s of life to get you out of, when you could rid yourself of those unwanted bits with a little bit of help from Beverly Hills Aesthetics?

Corsets, cosmetic surgery, make-up, dying ones hair, liposuction, botox, chemical peels – It’s all done in the search of beauty. While most of the search for ideal beauty is carried out by women, sometimes men also get caught up in the elusive search for perfection. Oft times, that search has hilarious results, like setting off metal detectors, and yet other times, that search leads to tragic results. Beverly Hills Aesthetics practices non-invasive cosmetic surgery in order to minimize the risks to our patients.

Why does Raquel Welch wear a corset? Presumably its because she wants to have the same figure at 70+ that she had at 20 years old. While this is the goal of many people undergoing cosmetic surgery or wrapping themselves in a piece of clothing designed to cut off circulation, it’s not the best way to approach enhancing your existing self and inner beauty. Age gracefully, and give the ageing process some help, but don’t expect miracles.

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