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What Is Intradermal Botox

It’s unfortunate, but many people who think of Botox, think of the stiff facial muscles and un-naturally tight or smiling faces of yesteryear. While this is something that happened to many Botox patients in the early years, Botox procedures have come far since this time, and it is rare to unusual to find a patient exhibiting these side effects these days, unless the patient has visited an un-trained physician.

Botox in general is a very safe and much beloved practice these days, and through the benefit of many years of experience, the practice has become one of the easiest and fastest ways for a person to freshen their appearance at a time when we are all leading particularly busy lives.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, Dr Sam Assassa practices intradermal Botox in his Botox facelift. Intradermal BOTOX literally means injections are into and within the skin. In contrast to “conventional” BOTOX, the injections are slightly deeper beyond the skin into the facial muscles just beneath it. This leads to a more natural and faster process for patients all around. In addition to this, Intradermal Botox also has the benefit of making pores appear smaller.

The “lifting effect” of Intradermal BOTOX is also attributed to injections over the lower part of the face close to the jaw-line, minimizing some of the downward pull of the platysmus muscle and thus giving the cheeks and jowls a “lift”.

The Botox facelift is the perfect option for people who have not yet come to grips with the thought of traditional Botox, but who are looking to tighten their face just a touch in order to give themselves a fresh and younger appearance.

Should you not feel comfortable with the thought of Botox as yet, there are many other options for making sure that you make a fresh and relaxed impression on the world. The Red Carpet Peel will help you diminish the years of sun damage that might have been wrought after years of being out in the sun. Perhaps you are feeling just a little less than fresh. If so, speaking with one of the professionals at Beverly Hill Aesthetics, or by even reading one of our blogs on how to keep your skin young and healthy

There is no need to fear that you will leave Beverly Hills Aesthetics looking like you’ve frozen your face in time. Those side effects are only vague memories of the past.

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