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Ways to Rid Yourself of Bikini Hair

los angeles plastic surgeryWhen in California… do as the Californians. That is to say, it’s Bikini season, and it’s time to bring out the bathing suits, paint your toenails, and oh yeah, get rid of that bikini line hair. There are more options out there than we can count, but most of them are not permanent. For example:

  • Shaving – Do you really want to shave your bikini line every few days, and deal with the ingrown hairs, red bumps and itching that accompanies this? Not likely. Most women hate shaving in general, and particularly despise shaving the bikini area.
  • At Home Waxing – Well, you could do this, but do you have the expertise and knowledge to do this without burning yourself if you are using hot wax, or making the cold wax work in the way that the box says it will? Again, unlikely. Most women who have tried to wax themselves at home have ended up with a sticky mess for their troubles. This is especially true of the bikini line, as one must push and pull to get the requisite tension between the skin and the wax. Do you want to ask your best friend to help you push and pull your bikini line into submission?
  • Salon Waxing – Well, this is better than at home waxing for those that aren’t able to contort themselves into Cirque du Soleil like positions. But even still, this is something that has to be repeated regularly, and depending on the type of bikini wax that you are doing can cost upwards of $100. Imagine that you have to do this several times in a bikini season. There must be a better option.
  • Self Epilation a la Epilady – Really? Do people still do this, you ask yourself. Yes they do. And man, is it painful. Just imagine, one by one your hairs are ripped out by a vibrating metal coil. At least with waxing it gets pulled off in one fell swoop. The only way this should be an option is if you are into pain, and want to have to put yourself through torture every 2 weeks or so. Not only does it last a shorter period of time than a bikini wax, but it’s more painful. We see little benefit here.

So, what you might ask is a better solution? At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, we offer laser hair removal! None of the fuss and mess of wax, and none of the pain of shaving or epilating. Sure, there is a small, momentary feeling of say a rubber band hitting your skin, lightly, but this is brief, and does not cause any redness or bumps.

  • Laser Hair Removal – Easy, quick and very cost effective if compared against a lifetime of bikini waxes, or even shaving products. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics we offer the Lightsheer Diode Laser and the IPL Yag Laser with built-in contact cooling that provides the most painless, yet most effective hair removal currently available. We occasionally use IPL to remove hair or veins.

So since this is available, why go any other route? Call Beverly Hills Aesthetics today to find out more information about this simple procedure. While it does take several appointments, at the end of the day, this is the most effective and easy way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. And who wants hair around their bikini line this time of the year?

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