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Treating Large Pores

los angeles eye bag treatmentsIf you spend any time reading magazines or watching television, it’s almost impossible not to see the beautiful, porcelain skinned models that populate ads. You know the ones; gorgeous women who have flawless, nearly pore free skin. Many of us are not that lucky. Thanks to genetics, sun damage, oily skin, acne or poor exfoliation, many of us have larger, more visible pores than we would like.

Makeup can smooth some skin imperfections, but to truly refine your skin and reduce the size of your pores, it’s necessary to use a combined treatment like the program at Beverly Hills Aesthetics. No matter how much a makeup claims to give you an airbrushed, flawless look, those benefits only last as long as the cosmetics are on your skin. Laser treatments and injectable fillers can actually reduce the appearance of your pores and smooth your complexion instead of merely covering them up.

Dr. Assassa at Beverly Hills Aesthetics uses a combination of laser treatment and intradermal Botox® to close pores and tighten skin. Depending on certain factors, Beverly Hills Aesthetics will choose either the ND Yag or IPL laser for your treatment. If you have redness from Rosacea, acne marks or sun damage, for example, Dr. Assassa will generally use the IPL for your procedure. If you have loose skin or acne scars, the ND Yag laser is often the better choice. The ND Yag laser, when appropriate, tightens skin, contours the face, and helps to build natural collagen production as well.

Botox is a very effective companion to the laser treatment, and is a multi-effect treatment. Instead of being injected into facial muscles as it would be for wrinkle reduction, the Botox is focused on the small muscles that determine pore size. The injectable helps the laser to reduce pore size, but also decreases oil production in glands as well. This not only prevents the enlargement of pores from oil collecting in them, but it also helps reduce acne outbreaks. This leads to fewer blemishes and a decreased chance of scarring caused by those breakouts.

Botox treatment can also even the color and texture of skin helping to lend the face a smooth, flawless finish without relying so heavily on makeup. This reduces your dependence on cosmetic products and helps to ensure you have beautiful skin any time day or night. You can help the treatment’s results last longer by following an excellent skin care routine.

Keeping your skin scrupulously clean (yes, if you sleep in your makeup, we’re talking to you), exfoliating gently and regularly, avoiding the urge to “pick” or “pop” bumps and blackheads, getting enough rest and eating healthy can all keep your skin oil and dirt free and hydrated. This will help keep your pores at their new, less noticeable size and reduce the recurrence of treatments you need for flawless skin. Contact Dr. Assassa today to schedule a consultation.

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