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The SmartLipo Procedure Broken Down

What can you expect from SmartLipo? Concerned about pain? How long do you need to take off of work? Post operative care? We know that medical procedures are often times scary and confusing, so we thought that we would break down the procedure to make it more understandable and skip the entire doctor speak.

SmartLipo is the best liposuction option available. By taking advantage of the latest technology and innovations, SmartLipo can reduce unsightly areas on your body, offering the best results with the least time investment, making it perfect for busy and on the go people!

SmartLipo uses the latest laser technology to melt and liquefy the fat within the fat cells. This procedure also smoothes and tightens the areas that are worked upon, while also decreasing the sagginess that is sometimes experienced with traditional liposuction.

Typically used on smaller areas of the body, this procedure can be combined with traditional liposuction to treat larger areas of the body.

A Few Basic Facts about SmartLipo

  • A single SmartLipo procedure will take approximately 4 hours.
  • This is carried out as an outpatient procedure, typically done in a clinic or doctors office.
  • Most patients can see immediate results, however final results will take 3-6 months.
  • SmartLipo will permanently remove your excess fat cells that contribute to your troubled areas.
  • Local anesthesia is used during the procedure to limit discomfort.
  • Most major bruising and swelling will subside within two weeks.

The Procedure

SmartLipo uses lasers to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the skin, doing away with the need to cut into the patient in order to reach the fat, as in traditional liposuction. The laser ruptures the fact cells and the resulting liquid fat is removed through a tiny incision. Due to the lasers ability to seal the blood cells, laser liposuction significantly reduces the bleeding, bruising and swelling that occurs with traditional liposuction. During the procedure a small tube containing the laser fiber is inserted into the skin, moved back and forth causing the fat cells to rupture and liquefy.

SmartLipo can work on those stubborn bulges and other areas that traditional liposuction is unable to target or to completely treat, such as male breasts, the underarm sag, saddlebags and the belly area.

Dr Sam Assassa of the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Clinic is one the foremost experts in the nation in this and other cutting edge procedures.

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