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Spring Has Sprung! Prêt-a-porter, Beaches and Beverly Hills Aesthetics

It’s spring. And that means it’s time to start getting beach ready! Celebrities and stars have already begun to do that with their attendance at some of the world’s most outrageous entertainment events – the prêt-a-porter fashion shows. It’s always easy to tell that summer is on its way when the sandals and pedicured toes come out to play.

While the majority of us will never wear some of the more outrageous creations that come stumbling down the runways, we can take inspiration from these beautiful ladies that model them, as well as the guests at the shows. Somehow, these women always manage to look their absolute best, no matter the occasion or what off the wall piece of clothing they wear. They have an inherent self confidence that comes from being sure of themselves, no matter what risks they take with their outer appearance. Of course, many of them have help from a team, ranging from stylists to cosmetic surgeons.

And take inspiration we do, at Beverly Hills Aesthetics. Because we strive to help people achieve their goals, while remaining true to themselves, and who they are on the inside. Does that mean everyone needs help with something? Surely not. What it does mean is that we are here to help with spider veins (those pesky little veins that annoy when wearing a bathing suit), that little bit of extra flab around the middle that mommy just can’t get to go away, and for ladies, perhaps laser hair removal for that blasted bikini line or ! Men? What about a little less back hair? Most of us have something that we aren’t thrilled about, so why not do something about it.

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