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Shattering Societal Expectations

It might seem odd, that in this day and age, there is a woman who is turning the world on its head by eschewing societal expectations, and instead of striving for the “norm” of being exceedingly thin, is attempting to become the largest woman in the world, by reaching 1000 pounds within the next two years.

Why is this important to a blog on a cosmetic surgery center website? It’s important because it represents the dichotomies of our society. It is important because at Beverly Hills Aesthetics we deal with body image consciousness on a daily basis. It’s important because obesity is just as big an issue in this country as eating disorders. It’s important because we look to those in the public eye to determine what is acceptable for ourselves in nearly every aspect of our lives.

While the majority of us strive to fit into what has become the social norm, Donna Simpson is striving to stand out by endangering her health. Some people see cosmetic surgery as a way to fit in with their contemporaries, while others see it as a way in which to make themselves stand out by enhancing some part of themselves. Donna Simpson has removed herself from that arena of society by sliding to the complete other end of the spectrum.

What’s wrong with someone taking a personal decision to treat their bodies however they so please? In theory? Nothing. However, in this case, the media has, for lack of a better term, glamorized this woman’s quest to end her life for all intents and purposes, by consuming 12,000 calories a day. Whether the media treats her as a pariah for doing this, or not, the fact is that this story is generating attention, which is then seen by multitudes of people who might have issues with their weight one way or another. Such actions might indicate to children that overeating is acceptable. In a society where younger and younger children are beginning to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, is this really the message that we want to send to our children? This message is no better, and no worse, than the message that the media sends with its near constant analysis of people and their body types, indicating to mainstream America that if you don’t look a certain way, society will not accept you.

It’s certainly one thing to challenge the media norm, but to endanger your life and set an example for millions of other people is not only irresponsible, it’s downright dangerous. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, we don’t counsel patients to change everything about themselves, or even to change anything based on pictures of others. Cosmetic surgery needs to be done because someone wants it for themselves, not because they are striving to reach an ideal based upon pictures that might very well have been airbrushed into oblivion, leaving no semblance of the original subject of the picture. We believe that our clients should make changes for themselves alone.

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