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Photodynamic Therapy or Photopeel – Los Angeles Acne Treatment

Photopeel or 5- ALA Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is an advanced technology to treat skin imperfections safely and easily with minimal downtime designed for treating sun-damaged skin and sufferers of Rosacea. It “makes skin glow and firms up collagen over time.” Conditions that benefits from Photopeel are: uneven pigmentation, skin tone and texture, age spots or brown spots, facial “spider veins”, broken capillaries, large pores, redness and rosacea. Photopeel is also a novel method to treat Nodular Cystic Acne. This is especially when traditional acne treatments (like creams, face wash and topical antibiotics) fail or when patients are concerned about long term use of oral acne medications. Following the PhotoPeel, the treated areas can appear red to brownish and swollen with some peeling for up to several days. Photopeel has also been used for various dermatologic conditions including early precancerous skin lesions.

Photopeel – The Treatment

The procedure involves the application of a topical photo sensitizer 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) for about 1-4 hours, which is then followed by a controlled exposure to a light source.

5-ALA is selectively taken up by diseased cells within the acne crypts and bacteria in the pustules. Upon exposure to light, 5-ALA is converted to porphyrins which are toxic to the cells. Thus we can achieve highly selective (very finely targeted) killing of bacteria and skin cells in infected and acne-ridden areas leaving normal skin unharmed.

The “magic bullet” in acne-vulgaris treatment.

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