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Money Matters

laser face treatmentPatients are often reluctant to talk about money with their doctor, but when it comes to money matters, asking questions up front is good for patient and doctor alike.

The first thing patients need to understand about planning the budget for non-invasive cosmetic surgery and laser hair removal is that costs may vary widely between clinics. And, unfortunately, not every clinic fully discloses costs before a procedure is booked. Beverly Hills Aesthetics does.

Not only are fees disclosed during the initial consultation, but fees are “all inclusive” – without hidden costs. That’s important, because hidden extras for medications, follow-up appointments, dressings, and compression garments required for procedures like liposuction can really add up in clinics that don’t include them in the “quoted price” for a procedure.

The second thing that patients should consider when thinking about price is whether a “bargain” is truly a bargain if parts of the procedure are performed by a medical assistant or junior associate. Dr. Sam Assassa performs all medical procedures at Beverly Hills Aesthetics personally, so patients have the assurance of knowing that they aren’t sacrificing medical proficiency and skill for price.

Last, but not least, understanding the financing options available for cosmetic procedures can make the whole process of planning and budgeting for them much simpler. Since most health insurance plans don’t cover cosmetic surgery, and using traditional credit cards can be a more expensive option, many patients turn to special medical finance companies.

Beverly Hills Aesthetics has chosen to work with two of the leading providers of medical care finance companies: CareCredit and MyMedicalLoan. Both offer affordable payment options including 90-day financing with no interest or extended monthly payment terms of 24-60 months.

Whether you opt to pay by check, personal credit card, or a medical finance company, you have the right to understand the costs involved in your treatment plan. Investing in yourself is almost always a good decision!

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