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Mommy and Wife

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, do you know what you are giving your mom or wife for this day that celebrates her, and all that she has done to bring together a family?

Think about all of the things that your mother or wife has done for your family, and given to the family? As a child imagine the things that she has done and given up to make sure that you receive everything that you need, or desire. As a husband, imagine what she has gone through to bring your family to where it is today.

There is no doubt that the matriarch in your core family gained weight while she was carrying the newest addition to your family in her belly for those 9 months, and while most women revel in the changes that their bodies go through during pregnancy, not too many of them revel in the weight that remains behind months and even years after childbirth. It’s a fact that most women permanently retain a few pounds with each successive pregnancy, and with each pregnancy it becomes harder and harder to loose that pregnancy weight, while paradoxically it becomes harder and harder to find “me time” to exercise or take care of oneself with each addition to the family. And while sleepless nights are part and parcel of early childhood, those sleepless nights do not help a mother retain her youthful look. All mothers want to look awesome, not only for their husbands, but for themselves.

So why not pamper your mother or wife this mothers day and help her have some “me time”. Mothers have so many roles these days, with most mothers working outside the home, and yet still also having to fulfill the traditional roles of homemaker, cook, launderer, and caregiver. Society still expects mothers to be the main caregiver (and they do that job with joy and love), yet the economy demands that most mothers must also hold down a full time job in order to provide for their family alongside their husbands. It’s no wonder that there is little to no time for a mother to spend on pampering herself or ensuring that she has the time that she needs to look the way that she wants. “Good enough”, seems to be the key phrase for many mothers these days. It’s time to help the woman in your life find that time. Help her to look the way that she wants to look.

Need some help figuring out just what she might want? Well think about it. Is she still carrying a little weight around the tummy from a few of those pregnancy pounds? Non-invasive liposuction can help rid those unwanted pounds that she just does not have the time to get rid of by running around after a rascal or two. (Sometimes that’s the only exercise a mom can claim in a day that is filled with so many other to do’s, the mother’s version of a honey-do list.) Is she just looking a little bit tired, then perhaps you can treat her to a chemical peel to help rejuvenate and freshen her skin. And if by chance you want to help her save time in the long run, laser hair removal is never a bad option. Think about it, no more hair in the bathtub when you manly men want to have a bath, and she does not have to spend 10-20 minutes every couple of days deforesting herself, as she calls it!

Either way, give her some time to herself, and make it all about her, and when she comes out, she will not only feel refreshed, but she’ll feel like an even more beautiful version of herself, and who can blame anyone for wanting to glow with pride in themselves? And if she is glowing, so will the rest of the family. As the old saying goes, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.

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