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Lip Enhancement

lip enhancement treatmentHave you ever looked in the mirror and prayed you’d suddenly see bigger, fuller, more luscious lips looking back at you? Have you ever stared longingly at pictures of Angelina Jolie and wondered how you could get the pouty, sexy mouth that genes gave her naturally? Whether you have a very thin mouth now, or just need a little help, lip enhancement is for you.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, we can give you lip enhancement for the luscious lips you want with very little recovery time needed. Patients have been known to schedule their appointments for their lunch hour and then go right back to work. While there may be some slight swelling for the first day or so, that should subside rather quickly. Since lip augmentation is a non-surgical procedure, there are no painful incisions that will have to heal, and bruising or other pain is rare.

During the procedure, filler is injected into your mouth to give you the sexy, full look you’re hoping for. Dr. Assassa uses his artistic flair to give you the best shape possible, and to help avoid the dreaded “trout pout” we’ve all seen on celebrities in the news and gossip columns. While this can be caused by having to go out in public before the swelling has subsided, it can also be because the person’s doctor used too much filler or didn’t properly place it along the mouth line.

As with all procedures – even non-surgical procedures – it’s important to make sure the doctor or technician handling your lip enhancement is properly trained and has experience doing the exact procedure you’re scheduled for. Don’t be afraid to open that mouth of yours and ask when you schedule your consultation. A properly trained and licensed professional should have no problem supplying you with his or her credentials and a list of references to set your mind at ease and assure you that you won’t have to walk around with the “trout pout” until the injectable fades.

If the professional hesitates to supply you with either their license or references, consider going elsewhere. The risk of a bad lip enhancement or the very real possibility of damage to the tissues of the mouth is not an acceptable risk to take. While you could end up with just a bad temporary lip enhancement, it could be much worse.

At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, Dr. Assassa has been practicing aesthetic surgery since 1995, and his state-of-the-art techniques have made him one of the leading surgeons specializing in non-invasive cosmetic surgery. He is board certified and is the president of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. He offers a “before and after” gallery of former patients to showcase his skill and give you samples of his expertise.

Stop wishing for a better, fuller mouth. Go get it! With little recovery time necessary and an acclaimed surgeon like Dr. Assassa available, there is really no reason to wait. Contact Beverly Hills Aesthetics today for a consultation. You’ve nothing to lose and a beautiful mouth to gain.

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