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How To Get Rid Of Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines: Where they come from and how to make them go away


One of the inevitable traits that comes along with getting older is wrinkles. While some say that you should wear your wrinkles with pride because you’ve earned them, others want nothing more than to hide them forever.

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Some of the most noticeable, and therefore frustrating, wrinkle lines that people often develop are the dreaded marionette lines. These long, vertical wrinkle lines, named for the exaggerated smile on a ventriloquist puppet, begin at the corner of the mouth and extend down towards the chin. Luckily, these lines no longer have to be a permanent part of your smile. There are several things that you can do to rid yourself of existing marionette lines and prevent them from forming in the future.


Where Do Marionette Lines Come From?

These lines form when the skin loses its natural levels of collagen and elastin, the parts of our skin tissue responsible for bounce and freshness . This can be caused by genetics, the aging process or many different lifestyle factors.

One of the largest sources of blame for wrinkles is exposure to UV light. You know how your elders used to tell you that if you stayed out in the sun too long, you would start to look like a prune? Well, they weren’t lying. Studies have shown that exposure to UV rays (both natural and those found in tanning booths) is the cause of 90% of premature skin aging.

Another leading cause of marionette wrinkle lines is smoking. Your body’s blood vessels carry nutrients, oxygen and Vitamin A to your skin, making it appear bright and healthy. However, smoking causes these blood vessels to narrow, depriving your skin of essential elements that it needs to remain strong. With every puff of a cigarette, you are making your marionette lines more and more pronounced.

Unfortunately, even if make sure to use to use sunscreen when outdoors and avoid cigarettes, there is still a chance that you may develop marionette wrinkle lines. Some people are genetically predisposed to certain wrinkle lines. If your mother and father have these familiar looking vertical lines, it is likely that you may develop them as well.


How Do You Get Rid of Marionette Lines?

While many skin care companies would like you to believe that  their lotion or gel can effortlessly make your wrinkles go away, the only proven ways of effectively removing marionette lines from your face is through face lift surgery or dermal fillers. Luckily, with new advances in technology, these procedures are as quick and painless as ever.

Radiesse is one of the best dermal fillers on the market that is used to correct soft tissue defects such as wrinkles and fine lines. The best part about this brand of dermal filler is that is it biocompatible, meaning that it will never create a toxic or allergic reaction within a patient.

Radiesse stimulates the production of new collagen in and around the area it is injected, just below the skin’s surface. This “partnership” between the filler and your own body tissue creates a fresh, natural look in just a 15-minute procedure. Also, because Radiesse is a long-lasting dermal filler, results have been known to last up to two years.

Another effective treatment in adding volume and fullness to your marionette lines is Restylane. This treatment has been used for several years by aesthetic surgeons and has created a smoother, more youthful appearance in many patients’ skin.

Restylane is not only perfectly suited for ridding the face of marionette wrinkle lines, but it also works for many areas in the face which are in need of more depth, such as lipstick lines and the corners of the mouth. It works by injecting specially formulated hyaluronic acid into wrinkle spots. This acid is specially designed to imitate the body’s own hyaluronic acid, therefore, it is readily accepted by the body, causing wrinkles to become much less prominent.

With new treatments such as Restylane and Radiesse, you can say goodbye to marionette lines for good and have a wrinkle free smile once again!

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