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Hair Restoration Treatment

hair loss treatment los angelesHave you noticed that there seems to be more hair left on your brush these days? Or maybe that your forehead looks a bit larger than it did the last time you looked in the mirror? Perhaps when you run your fingers through your hair you feel a bit more scalp then you remember being there before. Or there are thin spots and you have no idea where they came from. Regardless of how or why your hair is getting thinner, the fact still remains that there is less of it.

In both women and men, hormonal changes in the body are the largest reason for hair loss. A naturally occurring hormone in the body, DHT, is the main reason for hair loss in both sexes. DHT results when an enzyme in your body combines with the testosterone that we all have. This forms DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone.

DHT prevents the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that nourish your hair from being as effective as they were. This can cause the follicles to reproduce at a much slower rate than before. This will either shorten the growing phase of the hair follicles or lengthen the resting stage resulting in thinning hair.

If untreated, DHT can be responsible for the actual shrinking of the hair follicle. As the hair follicle gets smaller and finer, so does the hair it produces – until there is no hair production in that particular follicle at all. People who produce more DHT seem to be genetically disposed to do so.

As if that weren’t enough, DHT may also create a waxy substance that collects around the hair roots. This wax like substance is caused by the natural oil secreted by sebum glands that are intended to help each hair grow more smoothly and give your hair its luster and sheen. With the introduction of DHT, these oils collect and harden inside the follicle and block normal growth of hairs that are already thinning and weakened from the DHT. This is the most common cause of male or female pattern baldness.

There is a treatment to help stop thinning hair. MesoHairTM is a monthly treatment to reverse and stop hair loss. For four to six months, you’ll receive injections containing vitamins, minerals, and DHT directly into the scalp. These injections are virtually painless and help eliminate the very problems in your hair follicles that are causing your hair loss.

When injected as close to the dying hair follicles as possible and directly under the skin, MesoHair restoration therapy may even eliminate the need for hair transplant procedures. Don’t let your hair continue to thin and fall out. Contact Dr. Assassa at Beverly Hills Aesthetics for a consultation today.

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