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Finally, Some Truth in the Media

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In what can only be called a “come to the truth”, celebrities across the spectrum have been sharing un-airbrushed photos of themselves in an effort to show how much the media takes liberties with the images that are placed on and within publications.

From Britney Spears to the Kardashian sisters, the Huffington Post has a photo montage of side by side photos of retouched and original photos that celebrities have shared. And these photos are eye-opening to say the least.  Looking at these side by side photos, its incredible to think that we as a society are considered to be so gullible. Especially with the photo of Kourtney Kardashian. It is simply not feasible that a week after giving birth, she looks the same way she did before she was pregnant. It’s a matter of science, and science says that it takes more than a week to lose the 25-40 pounds that are common in pregnancy.

So have celebrities finally grown a conscience, have they tired of being held up to impossible standards, or have they realized their role as image makers and role models for people the world over, and decided that having people admire these pictures and think that it is all natural is a recipe for disaster? Whatever the case may be, celebrities have begun a trend, showing the un-retouched versions of the photos that magazines and other publications are publishing. With the speed of the internet, these photos are making the rounds, and giving hope to untold millions of people who no longer have to hold themselves up to impossible standards.  We think that this is an awesome development, and hope that celebrities and role models continue to encourage publications to

Call airbrushing the quicky version of plastic surgery. All of the results, at least on paper, and none of the work. Yes, it’s indeed an untenable position to have people believing that all of these celebrities have these perfect bodies naturally. The title of this blog is perhaps a bit misleading. As it is not the media outlets themselves that are uncovering the depth of airbrushing that takes place, but rather the subjects of the airbrushing.

We at Beverly Hills Aesthetics try to impress upon our clients that what is seen in the media is not necessarily all of the truth, or even some of it. We think that this latest development is positive, in that it encourages the truth. It shows that even the most talked about person has some flaws that they might want some help with correcting. And in that we can help. Whether you are looking for a bit of a summer glow in the middle of the winter with a facial peel, or help rounding out your square jaw somewhat, we can help. With our focus on non-invasive cosmetic procedures, we offer our clients the results they seek, without the pain and down time that traditional plastic surgery brings.

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